The present official name of the barrio is Ayson. Like a man of today, men of yesterday’s years strive for a better means of livelihood. There was a time when a group of fortune seekers from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte moved to a good spot in Gerona. They were lured to inhabit the place because of the fertile soil that yielded good harvest, the rivers which afforded abundant fish, and the animals which could be hunted in the forest. The original inhabitants who came from Ilocos Norte were people with a low and rather audible voice. As they increase in number, chiefs from the different barangays paid visits to the newly populated spot.

Months rolled on into years till, at last, Ignacio Ayson, a Cabeza from Gerona met a girl of his heart’s desire. He was able to win her and they lived together. After some years, there was born to them a son when they tendered with much love. Ignacio Ayson found no barrier in going to the town whoever he wanted to. He usually stayed there for many days, leaving the querida and son in the settlement. In spite of this habit of Ignacio Ayson, It was not hard to wait. The son grew as the father grew old with age. His love for his son was as intense as ever. That was then in 1800. The population of the newly occupied section of Gerona became dense. It was, therefore, high time for it to be opulence named the barrio “AYSON” so that he will long be remembered by his son and by the generations to come.