The barrio was originally named Bularit after a popular game of cock-fighting in the native tongue called, Bularit.

Long before the Spanish occupation, Bularit was settled by four prominent families who were supposed to be the original founders. Of these early settlers were the Subas and others whose early ancestors held prominence and distinct honor of being the holder by one named? Mrs. Guadalupe Suba y Carillo. The set up of the place at the time composed of several cities as Estudyante named after a Kartilla pupil Kalud. A sitio named after an old and clever man; Lansangan a lonely spot nearby; Dulit with a creek nearby and which served as a fishing ground for the people and pinagulong so named after a roller used to level elevated part of the sitio.

This barrio as a whole was vegetated by various species of tall grasses, trees of different names, bamboo, and so many others growing all over the place among them, lanka, guavas, was very dominant fruit trees that can be seen around the barrio sides. It was said however that such trees like the guavas were laden with so many big fruits that the people enjoy for food.