The present name official name of the barrio is CARBONEL. It is also the past name it derived its name from the first family who settled in the barrio the Carbonel family.


The original families who came to live in this place when Don Juan Tolentino was the Cabeza De Barangay in Plastado, was the man responsible for the separation of Carbonel to Plastado.


The original families who came to live in this place where the Carbonel family, Mariano Pagco, Amado Layug, Tiburcio Torres, Herminigildo Sumat, Pedro Tolentino, Cipriano Baysa, and Felipe Dela Cruz.


During World War II, an incident took place in the barrio during the administration of appointment Mayor Mr. Nicolas Garcia Mariano Taduan, The notorious Bandit of Nueva Ecija, extended his area of operation in Carbonel, He organized his gang and appointed Pedro Olanan as his assistant leader in the barrio. Olonan went to the extent of robbing his neighbors and those of the people in the neighboring barrios, after a few months his organization was discovered by the authorities. He and his gang were arrested by the Mayor and the Patrolman Vicente Aquino, one of his policemen, when the case was transferred to the hands of the Japanese Military Police sentenced them to die.

After World War II, there was another important event that took place in the barrio; the barrio was occupied by the HUKBALAHAPS. The place was raided by the Philippine constabulary to drive away from the outlaws; this was followed by the evacuation of the people to the barrio, too nervy places, for security reasons. A few months after their return to the barrio the place was raided again for the second time when Mr. Dominador Punzalan the overseen of the Cojuangco Hacienda was assassinated, the people evacuated some went to the nearby barrio of Abagon, after a year of evacuation they were advised by their landlord to return to the barrio otherwise, they will be removed as tenants the people returned home and began to rehabilitate what they lost during the evacuation.

They revived their social activities; they also worked hard to promote their economy. There where destruction of properties in the barrio during World War II, the place became the headquarters of a certain unit of the guerrillas during the Japanese occupation. In 1948, the dissident occupied the barrio they went to the extent of recruiting people to join their organization. Some of the youngsters joined them while many of them did not, after a few months the organization was discovered by the Philippine constabulary who raided the dissidents and killed them. People of Carbonel observed the Pampango way of celebrating a wedding ceremony, after the wedding feast the couple head for the home of the groom. When preparing for a baptismal party are very limited the host resorts to the so-called ARARODOC which is the Ilocano method inviting only a few to the party.