Barangay Caturay is composed of a small barangay situated at alond the highway. It has an area of 228.05 in hectares, geographically bounded at the north of CariƱo, Paniqui, Tarlac, east by Plastado, south by Magaspac, and west by Buenlag, Gerona, Tarlac. 

In spite of a small barangay, it is peaceful to live in of the kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants. 

In the year 1945, Zacarias M. Mendoza among one of the leaders of the Barangay told the story that there were so many planted Catuday trees in almost part of the community. They were planted everywhere in the streets, at the community school, in the backyard of the households. 

These Catuday trees have been bearing flowers in white color and discovered later by the inhabitants the flowers became foods for eat by the people and also found out it is herbal medicine for the high blood. So then, the elders of the barangay adopted the name Caturay. 

It is pleasing to note that, Barangay Caturay has been developed by the leadership of the past and present leaders of the barangay. Today, Caturay has been beautiful clean, and green environment. It is a very attractive community due to the lanterns displayed along the highways. It is very pleasant to watch the varieties of lanterns by their winker lights and flexy lights at night. It was well known to the other places and abroad as well that, they traditionally buying Christmas lanterns for their personal use for business as well. So come and visit our barangay.