Once upon a time in the barrio of Tangcaran there existed Balunday Trees which so crowded the place that only a few people lived there Balunday trees sources from which the Balila is made.    In the nearly part of 1901, only the families of Mariano Yadao and Catalino Sumaoang lived in this place, Most of the family member are illiterates. As such illiterate, the feeling of fear easily dissipates because of the encouragement of Catalino Sumaoang. Their good and able leader led them in their progress of development. The people respected their leader and always followed him. They worked together on the farm although considerably.

On January 5, 1937, there were already 48 family heads who migrated to the place Catalino Sumaoang who was an active leader took advantage of the opportunity and assemble people to discuss with them a matter of cease ding from Tangcarn. After many sacrifices and tiresome efforts, the people were rewarded. The government approved the separation of their sitio from Tangcaran and with the consent of the people named it Barrio Quezon.

That was on February 23, 1937, when the people gained Independence from Tangcaran. The people were happy Catalino Sumaong realized his dream of making the sitio into an Independence barrio.

There was slow progress in the barrio after the resignation of Catalino Sumaoang. As barrio Lieutenant Braulio Narciso succeeded Catalino Sumaoang and was given a chance to lead the people. As barrio Lieutenant, he worked hard for the benefit of the people. He solicited voluntary contribution and our national hero was created during his incumbency. He called for meetings and convinced the people to work hard for the improvement of the barrio. They built the Tenencia and barrio chapel. Everybody clamored for a school building where the children could study. The government at the time was in no position to construct a school building for the barrio. This did not discourage the people, however, they built a school building and employed a private teacher who was paid (2) two cavans of palay per pupil for those years. The teacher was fortunate for he had (60) sixty pupils. The people were happy to see their children learn how to read and write under the private tutor Mr. Igacio Cortes.

During the Japanese occupation peace and order were wanting in many plots and where destruction or loss of life and property was rampant Quezon was fortunate because the barrio was one of the few felt untouched and undisturbed by the war. Many people from the neighboring barrios evacuated to Quezon for security purposed and share with the joy satisfaction of the people in the barrio. There was sufficient food for everyone peace and contentment reigned in the hearts of everyone and so marriage was common at that time for everyone peace and contentment reigned in the hearts of everyone and so marriage was common at that time.

After several years of being a barrio of Lieutenant Mr. Braulio Narciso resigned to give what to Mr. Timoteo Dancel who was ready and willing to serve the barrio people. The people rallied behind him. They built the main school building Home Economics and shop building for the complete school. They bought a two hectares site for the school.

From then he was succeeded by Ramon Domingo as barangay captain in which he served for several terms. This leader could hardly read and write but he is so dedicated to serve his fellowmen a man of action and tried to maintain peace and order and all throughout his services to the people in the barangay continued as his elder son Mr. Tirso S. Domingo succeeded him through a mandate by the people during hid incumbency political rivalries occurred between the Domingo Clan and Galo Family in spite of their relationship as being closed relatives.

There were a little division and conflict of interest among the people then as far as the style of management and kind of services to the people. This simple dispute did not last long as carried by the efforts of good education of the people in the community. There was a quite long transition of governing the barangay with the next administration of the retired military Francisco N. Galo. This leader was disciplinary dedicated and he dreamed of a good balance in man sectors and society. but most of his concern is on the education of the people from the barangay. He visited the elementary and high schools cutting down the problems and needs of the students because he believed that education plays a vital contribution to a progressive community.

Chairman F. Galo lost following an election that time by Pascual S. Domingo who has been serving the barangay for several terms already up in this year 2007. He is also a retired policeman this serving his barangay profitability by adopting some styles in military leadership but above all a very democratic one.