Barangay Tangcaran is located in the western part of Gerona, with a land area of 263,200 hectares and a population of 893 and 213 houses, inhabitants with 434 boys and 459 girls, as of January 2008. The members of the barangay assembly are composed of 77 people.

It is pleasing to note that one of the inhabitants of the barangay holds the position of division superintendent at the division according to reliable sources, Tangcaran is famous for catching fishes by means of “Tanggar” ( a large fishnet) installed in a strong current of water done during the rainy seasons, and it was the habit of the elders to go out fishing by means of Tanggar, and they are much sure that plenty of fishes are being caught, thus, people from different place come to join the elders or by caught fishes, through this, the place was called “Tanggaran” (the place of tanggar) on which years past it was pronounced as Tangcaran.

In the mid-forties, Tangcaran was ruled by a Teniente del Barrio, by majority votes of the assembly by means of praising their hands. The first tenientes were Mr. Donato Cadiente, followed by Mr. Filiciano Guerrero, and then Mr. Florentino Facun who did not finish his term of office due to the infiltration of the HUKBALAHAPS. In this barangay, thus, Mr. Pedro Ramos who was a member of the guerilla forces volunteered as OIC, then Mr. Anghelito Cadiente, followed by Mr. Jose Facun. The first barangay captain to be elected through balloting was Mr. Agapito Aceres, then Mr. Fernando Domingo as close competitors in politics. Mr. Domingo was not able to complete his term of office in 1985, thus the mayor of Gerona instructed Mr. Narciso Madriaga as the OIC of this Barangay until the barangay election was conducted after the Edsa revolution in 1986 and luckily Mr. Amorsolo Aceres was won the position by the highest vote and became the barangay captain from 1986 to 2007 serving the people of barangay Tangcaran for 21 years completing his last term of office.