The present official name of the barrio is Villa Paz, it was formerly called sitio Malasin was then a part of Cardona. During the early days, Malasin and Cardona as one were called “Ampasco”. Ampasco was the lates changed and rename Cardona. The sitio was so-called Malasin because of its geographical location. The group houses are a little far from the main barrio, hence Malasin in the Ilocano dialect.

Due to the petition of the people in the sitio when felt to become independent, the Municipal Council of Gerona under the tradition of Dr. Pacifico F. Lagade approved a resolution making a Malasin as a separate and independent barrio of Gerona naming it which was been derived partly from the name of Mrs. Pas G. Lagade, the wife of the incumbent Mayor.

The original families which settled first in the barrio belonged to Juan Manzano, Pedro Manzano, Ignacio Paradao, Ponciano Sapad, Eustaquio Daliva, Gavino Granadoso, Matias Taberna, and Buenaventura Melecotones. They all same from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte.

List of Teniente’s:

Years before the war

. Teodoro Manzano
. Silvestre Ramos

During the Japanese Occupations

. Alejo Vidad
. Angel Lino Ramos
. Estnislao Salcedo
. Sebastian Daliva

Post years

. Estanislao Salcedo
. Maximo Ibañes
. Donato Daliva


 Villa Paz is located 6 kilometers south of Gerona, Tarlac along the Tarlac River. Alongside is the Tarlac river dike. It is situated 11.2 kilometers away from the Mc. Arthur Hiway at Parsolingan, Gerona, Tarlac. Most of the people are farmers. Their principal crops are palay, burnips, and camote. Barangay Villa Paz has a total population of 1,427, total no. of Households 259, and a total no. of families 276. Barangay Villa Paz’s land area is 1,323.80 hectares.