Where There’s Life, There’s Hope

The current state of the world has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health, well-being, and even sense of hope for the future. With all of this uncertainty, regardless of our differences as human beings, hope remains perhaps our most powerful tool for coping with the many challenges that life presents.

The idea of the structure of the Belen is inspired by “The Hobbit Hole” which highlights the magic of life on God’s earth. A mysterious power works behind all things in The Hobbit, echoing the mysterious ways in which God works in the world.

Another interesting fact is that hobbits enjoyed farming and gardening and they lived in Middle Earth. With that, the Belenismo aims to showcase the importance of food security. The vegetables were planted to represent the diversity of the Geronians, that despite these trying times, we can unite as one, by being resilient and becoming the HOPE for our beloved Municipality of Gerona. As fruit from the garden is nourishing for our lives, so is the fruit that is built in our hearts through the work of God.

The materials used for our Belen consist of stained glass like, bamboo, paleta donated by Geronians, while the hay grass were gathered from within our municipality.

Even in adverse circumstances, we should maintain hope and believe that there is light despite all of the darkness. Thus, we shall always remain hopeful and cheerful.