Business-One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) Signages

BOSS is introduced every renewal period.

Queue System

An effective queue system is being implemented on a first come first serve basis.


IT solution for monitor compliance and assessment is introduced

The Local Government Unit of Gerona Tarlac is the very first LGU in the entire province of Tarlac to implement the Electronic Business Permits and Licensing System. In the year 2019, the eBPLS project of the Department of Information and Communication Technology – DICT was introduced to the BPLS and other Endorsing Offices of the municipality of Gerona as a part of the streamlining solution of the municipality. The automation of our business transaction is a part of the big dream of our municipal mayor Engr. ELOY C. ECLAR to automate all of the transactions in the municipality of Gerona. This system will make transactions more transparent, accurate, and more convenient for our business owners and other clients.

The Electronic Business Permits and Licensing System (eBPLS)

It implements business processes based on the DILG-DTI-DICT JMC 2016-01 standards and therefore shortens the processing time and provides up-to-date information on the status of applications to the business owners and to the municipality. The Municipality of Gerona is confident that the use of this system will gradually reduce the business process and ensure that the Business Tax computation will be more accurate. The Implementation of this system will also provide convenience through the use of its online registration and payment.

The genuine effort toward streamlining the entire system through the use of eBPLS will entail change initiatives at both the National and Local Government Levels.

For many investors, the Municipality of Gerona has its unique appeals. These include its geographic advantage, mature industrial chain as well as the government’s efficient service.

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