Design, program, and coordinate DRRM activities, consistent with the NDRRMC’s standards and guidelines; Facilitate and support risk assessments and contingency planning activities; Consolidate local disaster risk information which includes natural hazards, vulnerabilities, and climate change risk, and maintain local risk. Conduct research and development initiatives on DRRM; Formulate and implement a comprehensive and integrated Local DRRM Plan (LDRRMP) in accordance with the national, regional and Prepare and submit to the Local Sangunian through the Local DRRM Council and the LDC the annual LDRRMO Plan and budget, the Maintain a database of human resource and their capabilities, equipment, directories, and location of critical infrastructures such as hospitals. Serve as the Secretariat and executive arm of the Local DRRM Council (LDRRMC); Also involve the most vulnerable sectors (women, children, senior citizens, and PWD) in risk assessment and planning. Organize and conduct training, orientation, and knowledge management activities on DRRM at the local level. Identify, assess, and manage the hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks that may occur in the municipality. Disseminate information and raise public awareness about those hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks. Take all necessary steps on a continuing basis to maintain, provide, or arrange the provision of, or to otherwise make available, suitably. Organize, train, equip, and supervise the local emergency response teams and the Accredited Community Disaster Volunteers(ACDVs). Promote and raise public awareness of, and compliance with RA 10121 and legislative provision relevant to the purpose of the latter. Train the most vulnerable sectors (women, children senior citizens, and PWD) in DRRM. especially in disaster preparedness. Operate a multi-hazard early warning system, linked to DRR to provide accurate and timely advice to national or local emergency response. Conduct continuous disaster monitoring and mobilize instrumentalities and entities of the LGU’s, C50s, private groups and organized, Develop, strengthens, and operationalize mechanisms for partnership or networking with the private sector, C50s, and volunteer groups. Respond to and manage the adverse effects of emergencies and carry out recovery activities in the affected area, ensuring that there is an Establish linkage and or network with other LGUs for DRR and emergency response purposes.


Geronians dedicated to disaster risk reduction through better understanding and management of identified hazards and adaptive to climate change.


Prepare Local Government Units in understanding climate change and possible hazards in the community and to respond to a disaster when hepper Organizational Outcome.