This church was built in the year 2017, the La Sagrada Familia Parish is well known with its detailed design.

Its altar was also a part of a big historical event, when Pope Francis visited the Philippines in the year 2015, He kissed the altar made of marble that made it very significant to the history of the Christian faith.

The design of the church is made by the late Rev. Fr. Alex Bautista (1969-2020), who also designed the remarkable church of Saint Jose Maria Escriva . Saint Jose Maria Escriva Parish is also known as the first church in Asia dedicated to the saint. This two magnificent churches are also located at the town of Gerona, Tarlac.

Short History

The late Rev. Fr. Alex Bautista used a small donated land to build this church. It is truly the humble beginning of this church that made it famous and now it is known as one of the famous landmarks in the entire province of Tarlac.

years have passed since the late Rev. Fr. Alex went to the Church Cultural Heritage Conference in Cebu, when he presented he described to the audience the La Sagrada Familia Parish as “It tells the story of a barangay parish in a remote setting, where faith, culture, and environment contribute to the design of a church replete with heritage values, making it significant and iconic for the local church of the diocese of Tarlac and to those who discover it.”

He also added that when the church was built, the number of churchgoers gradually increased. He said that it made the people’s faith in the Lord stronger.

Because of this, we can say that the late Rev. Fr. Alex Bautista is not only a servant of God who performs the sacred ritual of Christian Religion but also an Architect of Religious Edifices that makes people’s faith in the Lord stronger.