Attends to the administration of Municipal health. Supervise all aspects of the health work providing problem identification, problem solving, guidance, training support and encouragement. Provide epidemiological and environment health services. Exercise supervision over the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the municipality. Determine the cause of death of persons dying without medical attendance and issues necessary death certificates. Ensure the continuing education of the public in matters of health. Attends conference, seminars and training as directed by the Provincial Health Office. See to it that supplies and equipment needed by the unit are promptly requisitioned, maintained and accounted for. holds regular clinic and provide free medicines. Conduct physical examination of government employees, permits/licenses and to school children. Also provide dental health services.


We envision to have healthy and progressive community by providing a better, systematic, efficient and quality health care services to our constituents.


Committed to serve and provide continuum basic quality health care services that is equitably accessible to ensure a healthy and sound society.