Advise the governor or mayor, as the case may be, the sanggunian, and other local government units concerned. Also, take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the local government unit concerned. Take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by law or other competent authority. Inspect private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the local government unit concerned in relation to the implementation of tax ordinance, pursuant to the provisions under Book II of the Code. Maintain and update the tax information system of the local government unit. Exercise such other power duties and functions as may be prescribed by law ordinance.


A revenue arm equipped with contemporary technology and manned with knowledgeable human resources who are committed for the proper, efficient, and effective administration of local taxes, aimed at improving the financial capabilities of Gerona for the growth and development of its constituents.


To be an active key player in developing the Municipality of Gerona into an autonomous unit by finding ways and means to increase its local sources of revenues with the end in view of being less reliant on Internal Revenue Allotment for its operations and sustainability.