“Hidden gems are those who will shine the brightest in time of its beautiful reveal”👑✨

Our 10th exceptional Mrs. Universe Philippines 2021 official candidate is from “The Cradle of Great Men and Women” and the “Melting Pot” of Central Luzon, TARLAC.

Who is Mrs. Tarlac Universe Philippines?

A young mother of two & a wife who could have chosen many great careers but she believes that there is No Greater Call or Career than to be a Mother in a Home. Served as a President for one of the Biggest Women Organizations called RELIEF SOCIETY at age 23 where she honed her Values as a Woman.
She was a University Tae Kwon Do Junior Adviser, an ACEF SCHOLAR & a Dean’s Lister, who studied under lamp posts (due to no electricity on their home) that led to her success to become a Professional Agriculturist. She was then able to land permanent work in their Local Government Unit (Dept. of Agriculture) from 2018-2020.
She has won titles on various Beauty Pageants from different places since 2012 and holds sway as Ms. LGU.
Her Advocacy, is.to SHARE the Missing Link to Entrepreneurship that will Break the Chain of Poverty and that is Financial Literacy!
She is now a Licensed Associate Financial Planner under RFP® & International Marketing Group as one of the Senior Marketing Directors. She leads & supports international Filipino members as part of a World Wide Campaign to Educate 30 Million Families by 2030, providing FREE Training & Seminars Online for all Filipinos who are tired of being poor & wanted to live their Dreams!
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